Vegan rice pudding – a simple and delicious recipe

the components

In fact

the preparation

  1. Place the herbal drink in a pot. Pour in the rice and mix so that it is evenly distributed. Add a pinch of salt.

  2. Cook by mixing everything. Mix sugar and vanilla sugar. Then cover and cook on low heat for approximately 25 minutes. Stir the rice milk occasionally.

  3. If the rice is too stiff, stir in cold oat milk.

  4. Mix the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Serve the rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

Which milk is suitable for vegan rice milk?

Making vegan rice pudding is child’s play. As an alternative to cow’s milk, you can use a plant-based drink of your choice. are particularly popular oat milk or Almond milk. Almond milk gives it a nutty, sweet flavor. But also soy milk is appropriate Also make plant drinks instead coconut milk use, the rice milk acquires a fine coconut aroma.

Which rice to make rice pudding?

It’s a rice pudding short grain rice, rice pudding that you can buy at the supermarket. This type of rice becomes sticky and soft when cooked. When cooked, the rice grains release starch, which is responsible for the typical creaminess of rice milk. Short grain rice is also used for risotto or sushi.

What about rice pudding?

Vegan rice pudding is a classic cinnamon and sugar serve But it also tastes delicious fruit sauces like cherry or raspberry sauce. In addition i got it and compote such as applesauce, plum compote and red fruit jellies are excellent. In general, you can use all kinds of fruit or sweet toppings Serve with rice pudding of your choice. From mango chunks to apricot slices, vegan chocolate drops or coconut chips, anything that tastes good is allowed.

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