Vegan mousse au chocolat: recipe with aquafaba

the components

In fact

the preparation

  1. Beat the aquafaba with the beater of a hand mixer until foamy, a sort of whipped cream is formed. It may take several minutes. Then refrigerate.

  2. Melt the chocolate in warm water and then let it cool slightly.

  3. Carefully fold the chocolate into the beaten egg whites, so as to contain as many air bubbles as possible.

  4. Pour into small containers and refrigerate for a few hours, preferably overnight.

If the mousse is not sweet enough for you, add sugar or agave syrup, if desired. By the way: Egg whites made with chickpea water are not as firm as regular beaten egg whites, so you should avoid holding them over your head to try them.

What is aquafaba?

Aquafaba is water containing pre-cooked canned chickpeas. This chickpea water is slightly yellowish and slightly thicker. You can use it wonderfully as a substitute for whipped egg whites. Well-stocked retailers now sell Auquafaba in tetra packs or in powder form as a vegan egg substitute.

Vegan chocolate mousse without aquafaba

Chocolate mousse with silken tofu it’s creamy, but much stronger than a mousse with aquafaba. Vegan mousse au chocolat is a little lighter and creamier with avocado. By the way, in both variants you can’t taste the original ingredient, silken tofu or avocado, thanks to the chocolate. The results are very sweet. However, the result obtained with silken tofu or avocado is not as frothy and airy as mousse au chocolat made with egg whites made with aquafaba.

Vegan mousse au chocolat with cream or coconut milk

With vegan cream or white solid part coconut cream, you can even make a vegan mousse au chocolat from a can of coconut milk. Mousse au chocolat with vegan cream, use a cream specially designed to make it proud. You can also mix agar-agar into some of the cream to make it firmer, like in this white chocolate mousse recipe.

Mousse au chocolat made with coconut milk is not only very creamy, but also quite filling. You use the solid part of the coconut cream for the mousse and separate it from the more liquid coconut milk in the can. Now you can whip the cream like whipped cream with a little sugar and a pinch of salt. However, coconut cream is not very airy and using coconut cream can give your mousse a slight coconut flavor.

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