Vegan Christmas dinner: the perfect dinner

Christmas is around the corner! Time to think about meal planning. For ethical reasons, more and more people are opting for a vegan dinner that does not contain any animal products and still at least tastes good.

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Easy to prepare

Many people associate a vegan menu with extra work that isn’t even worth it. Wrong thinking, we would definitely say, because almost all animal products can easily be replaced with a vegan alternative. You won’t notice the difference.

Dairy products are available as a vegan option in all supermarkets. If you use eggs to bind foods, you can use fine oatmeal, for example, which has a similar effect.

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Vegan doesn’t mean boring

Especially for a celebratory meal, we wouldn’t want to be without a bang. If you only think of vegetables when you think of vegan, you’re wrong! Fresh herbs and spices make even dishes without animal products irresistible. By the way, our dinner consists of an airy and light chocolate mousse based on coconut milk. Here are our favorite recipes for the festival:

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