The sweet parts of the north

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The sweet parts of the north
The sweet side of the north can be found in the cookbook “Tante Trine’s dreamlike sweets”. © Kuzaj

Bremen – Nordic culinary art is a favorite subject of illustrator Julia Beutling. Time and again he creatively stages northern cuisine – with lots of heart, a nostalgic retro touch and contemporary ingredients. This mixture is his unmistakable artistic recipe.

“Knipp, Kohl & Klaben” was the name of the first volume of the “Bremer Kult-Rezepte” published by Beutling at Schünemann-Verlag in Bremen a few years ago. After this it was very tasty North Germany in pairs: “Fischer Fritze’s Fresh Fish – Recipes from Waterkant” guided readers to fish cooking, “Bauer Bolte’s Best Vegetables – Vegetarian Recipes from Aurora Borealis” followed current trends without forgetting tradition.

And now? Now comes dessert! And the artist serves in an equally North German style. The new cookbook, again published by Schünemann, has the beautiful title “Tante Trine’s dreamlike”. sweets” (128 pages, price: 17.90 euros).

Pastries and jams in the North German style

The sweet parts of the North are big here – Aunt Trin has mastered the art of baking cakes and tarts as well as small cakes. He prepares desserts, jams and preserves; he knows the secrets of fruit and drinks. It goes straight seasonal calendar. The recipe collection also includes Christmas treats.

Practical advice is also included. What to do if a surprise visitor comes? Well, how about Trine’s “Buttermilk Flash Cake”? “You can still bake if you can see the visitors coming,” the book says. The best name award may go to “Big Hans” (reportedly, cherry compote goes well with cinnamon). It is also a temptation “Bremer Wrapped Cake”.

“Bremer Kaffeebrot” tastes good at Christmas time

And Aunt Trin also shows how to make “Bremer Kaffeebrot”, which is traditionally especially popular at Christmas time. The thin jewels with sugar and cinnamon appeal to the people of Bremen “immediately christmas feelings“. Desserts include classics such as cold strawberries, green fruit jelly (with fresh berries) and red fruits. And, of course, Christmas items such as baked apples, a real must-have during Advent – served with marzipan, cinnamon and vanilla sauce at Tante Trine. Your “dreamy candies” whet your appetite, and this book is also delightful to look at.

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