That’s the difference between mett and hack

When we Germans don’t handle pasta like half Italians, when we’re completely by ourselves: what do we think about then? That’s right: a non-existent animal, Mett the hedgehog. This cute relic from the depths of 1960s party culture begs the basic questions: What is it made of and who eats it? Since we won’t answer the second question in order not to hurt culinary feelings, we’ll spoil the first question: Urchin is minced pork. And the hedgehog is made of hacks. huh like right now? Hack and mett – what’s the difference?

Hack und Mett: Preparation makes the difference

Raw ham, or minced meat to be more precise, is made when you use a meat grinder to turn the animal muscle protein into an amorphous mass of small pieces of meat. This has the advantage of being customizable. For example, you can make them in the shape of a hedgehog.

However, you wouldn’t enjoy it for long. Why? Due to the large surface area, minced meat is an ideal breeding ground for germs and viruses, so it spoils quickly. And the faster it is, the hotter it is. So let’s imagine our hedgehog hack curled up in the cozy warmth of a summer garden party for hours on end. And let’s hope the hosts have enough toilet paper. While our hosts inspect supplies, you can get hack hungry here. And then you’ll learn the difference between hack and mett – although I’ve already given it:

Pan with meatballs, peppers and herbs in a light sauce, forks and chives on a wooden background.


Fill several vines with rice and minced meat on a brown plate with olives and lemon slices.


1 hour 30 minutes


Meatballs, dolma and bolognese sauce – what delicious things you can’t do with minced meat! And mett now what? One thing is for sure: the hack comes first and then Mett. And now the next part.

And the butcher created ground meat

To avoid this serious disadvantage and finally create a hedgehog suitable for parties, the butchers created the Mett. You may have already noticed: Meat (in English), Mett and Metzger, which, as is often the case, points to its common root in Old High German. But I don’t want to bore you with cultural history, I want to sing Mette’s praises. Although there is a difference between hack and mett.

Because Mett is – unlike mincemeat – nothing more than mincemeat. It is a little more persistent with spices and pickling salt, emphasizing some. The minced meat prepared in this way can be eaten raw. The classics are Mettbrötchen, which is considered true soul food above the Main Line. Or in the form of Mett the hedgehog. By the way, onion and minced pork go well together: a layer of chopped onion on top of the ground roll adds a certain spice. And rumor has it that Mett the hedgehog has also been seen wearing a sort of armor made of onion slices instead of the usual “spies” made of pretzel sticks. If the butcher has a good onion mettwurst, some of my friends are there to help.

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What more is there to say

You’re probably wondering: Is it always made with ground pork? The obvious answer: yes. Always point And isn’t there ground beef too? Or even minced lamb? Yes, everything imaginable. But then he is no longer Mett in the true sense. But since foodies are known to be the most tolerant of people, you can eat a delicious beef stew with thick onions with a clear conscience. We won’t tell anyone. Not everyone likes pork. Let’s sum it up: hack is not the same as hack, mett is not the same as mett, and hack is not the same as mett. Don’t get bored (pun alert!): Now you always know the difference between hack and mett. There’s even more on this confusing topic in our photo gallery:

And my dear colleague Felix will explain the difference between salami, Mettwurst and Cervelatwurst.

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