Sausage goulash recipe with noodles! THIS is the best, cheapest and easiest sausage goulash in the world

Sausage goulash has a sweet taste and is quick to prepare.
Sausage goulash has a sweet taste and is quick to prepare. Photo: archive

If you think back to school lunches or long afternoons by the pool, one or the other culinary treat will come to mind. A dish that many like to remember: sausage goulash with spirelli! The delicious pasta sauce with its typical taste is still popular today because it tastes great and is very cheap at the same time. In this recipe you will learn how to cook a delicious sausage goulash like in the old days… and for a few euros!

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The recipe for sausage goulash with noodles: this way the food becomes really tasty

You don’t need many ingredients for this: you just need meat sausage, tomato paste, cream and some spices. This makes this meal a total money saver. It’s cheap, but you can easily feed a family of four! If you like, you can also serve grated cheese, such as Emmental or Gouda, with the sausage goulash.

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By the way: you don’t have to use sausage meat for this. Vienna sausages are simply sliced ​​and go well with sausage goulash. Try the recipe – you’ll be surprised how good it tastes and how quickly it’s on the table.

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Ingredients for Sausage Goulash: Here’s What You Need

You will need: 500 grams of pasta (for example, Spirelli), 1 poultry meat sausage, 500 milliliters of tomato passata, 200 milliliters of whipped cream, 1 large onion, salt, pepper, paprika, grated cheese to taste.

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As an alternative to noodles, you can also serve rice with sausage goulash.
As an alternative to noodles, you can also serve rice with sausage goulash. image/chrome orange

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Here’s how it works: Peel the onion and cut it into small cubes. Heat a little oil or clarified butter in a frying pan and add the minced onion until it starts to peel. You can also peel the meat sausage and cut it into small cubes, add these to the onion and fry until it takes on a little color. Then pour the crushed tomato.

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Heat everything and stir the cream. Now let the goulash simmer for about 20 minutes, it should bubble a little. Then season with salt, black pepper and paprika powder and leave for ten minutes before serving. Meanwhile, the noodles can be cooked in plenty of salted water.

If you want to give your sausage goulash a little extra kick, you can also add chili flakes. But be careful: it should be used sparingly, as the spice only develops its spiciness when it is cooked. Have fun cooking and enjoy your meal!

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