Regional cookbooks: 5 exciting new releases

From French to Bavarian

Regional cookbooks: 5 exciting new releases


A Ukrainian cookbook has also been published.

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New recipes always provide the best variety in the kitchen. Anyone who loves regional cuisine should check out these 5 new cookbooks. In addition to the classics, they also promise many new dishes to try.

“My Bavaria: New ways in Bavarian cuisine” by Andreas Schinharl and Frank Schoch.

Of interest not only to locals: Andreas Schinharl, head chef of Munich’s Oktoberfest Käfer-Wiesn-Schänke, puts them in the same position in his new book. 80 traditional Bavarian recipes reinterpreted before. Fans of Bavarian cuisine will not get their money’s worth here, but amateur chefs will find some new inspiration and a great opportunity to discover the Bavarian culinary tradition. Enjoy, for example, a vinaigrette and vegetable salad with pretzel balls and pork-crusted fries and other exciting creations.

“French Country Cooking Recipes from the Country, Forest and Coast” by Daniel Galmich

Sweet or Savory – This cookbook by French chef Daniel Galmiche has many recipes with ingredients from meadows, fields, forests and hedgerows. French coasts and rivers. on the side basic recipesFor example, for clothing and funds, readers will also know a lot Information on special methods of preparing French cuisine. How about pumpkin and goat cheese lasagna, dark chocolate venison goulash and pancetta galette?


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“True Italian Cooking” by Giovanni Mancini.

This cookbook by Giovanni Mancini promises a journey through Italy. The Italian chef poses here Various recipes from 20 Italian regions – and gives an insight into the country’s culture and population. The book is divided into ten menus that cover the 5 pillars of Italian food culture. Many dishes coordinate with each other, from starters to dessert.

“Cookbook – Ukraine” by Ievgen Kloptenko.

Stand with Ukraine! This applies not only in a political sense, but also in a culinary sense, even if star chef Ievgen Klopotenko has his own way. It remains to be seen whether the mission to make Ukraine’s national dish a UNESCO intangible heritage site will be successful. However, she is with her first cookbook, the 70 Ukrainian recipes has it, well on its way. From soups to meat and fish to delicious sweets, this book gives you a great insight into Ukrainian cuisine.

By the way, all profits from the sale of the book will go to emergency aid in Ukraine.

“101 Thai Classics You Must Cook” by Jet Tila.

Exotic, hearty, aromatic: this cookbook a a unique journey through the Thai kitchen with 101 recipes. From classics to new creations, you’ll find almost anything your heart desires here. Have a great evening with coconut mango shrimp salad, curry noodles with Northern Thai beef and Thai crepes with pandan cream.

Which national cuisine makes your heart skip a beat? Try recipes from these or other cookbooks. Maybe you will discover a new cuisine that has not been on your menu before.

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