Red Fruit Jelly Marble Pie – two heavenly desserts in one!

This irresistible gelatin marble cake offers the best of two (or is it really three?) desserts.

First: marble cake. We love marble cake, but only if it’s really moist. Nobody likes dry cake! This marble cake is already juicy and is captured by the delicious red fruit jelly and cream. Double the juiciness guaranteed! Which brings us to the second point: red fruit jelly – always good. Maybe a little sour for some, but that is perfectly balanced by the cream, which brings us to the third hidden star, the cream. The mixture is not too sweet and the red fruit jelly balances the fruity acidity. In addition, all the flavors come together perfectly and what remains is the best tasting experience!

So: If you don’t like marble cake because it’s too dry for you, we’ve solved this problem. If you don’t like red fruit jelly because it’s too sour for you, this recipe covers that too. And if you’re not a fan of cream, don’t forget that the other ingredients in this marbled beer jelly cake are very intense and that’s why the whipped cream is necessary.

Resistance is therefore futile. You want to eat this cake because it’s made of delicious stuff and therefore impossible.

However, if that particular argument isn’t convincing enough (it sounds absurd, because it’s delicious, but oh well), then maybe our cheesecake recipe appeals to you more? Cupcakes are also a popular dessert and we have unique cupcake recipes with us. But if it’s fruits that make you happy, feel free to explore these berry dishes.

For us, though, the red jelly beats the marble cake! For you too? Then, here are some similar and indescribably delicious berry baking combinations if you’re planning your next baking campaign:

Red jelly marble cake on a gray plate, next to a slice on a blue plate against a red and blue background


Red Fruit Jelly Marble Pie – two heavenly desserts in one!


If you ever had any doubts about marble cakes, they will be destroyed here. Creamy custard and fruity red jelly give the chocolate marble cake the perfect balance. Simply delicious!

the preparation

  1. Chop the chocolate and warm water in a water bath. Also melt the butter. Mix the flour and baking powder. Beat eggs, sugar and a pinch of salt until creamy. First the flour mixture, then the melted butter. Divide the dough in half and stir in the melted chocolate and milk in one half.

  2. Put the pieces of dough alternately in a greased pan (26 cm ø) and use a fork to take them out like a strudel. Bake in a preheated oven (electric stove 180 °C, fan: 160 °C, gas: level 2) for 20-25 minutes (test with a stick!). Leave to cool.

  3. Beat the cream and sour cream until the sugar preserves. Spread the cream over the cake. Spread the red fruits on top of the jelly and chill the cake until ready to serve.

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