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Ideal storage: Store tomatoes properly

If tomatoes are stored properly, they taste like sunshine and summer at any time of the year.

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If tomatoes are stored properly, they taste like sunshine and summer at any time of the year.

Few vegetables are loved as much as tomatoes. But very few people know how to store tomatoes properly. This keeps the vegetables fresh for a long time.

We all love to have tomatoes in soups, pizza, sauce or ketchup. And the appetite for the beautiful fruit is great all year round. According to the Federal Office of Agriculture and Food, the per capita consumption of Germans in 2020/2021 was an incredible 31.3 kilograms. For comparison: in 2018/2019 it was 27.2 kilograms. But if you want to enjoy the colorful variety for a long time, you need to store tomatoes properly. Find out the best way to keep them fresh:

Store tomatoes properly: Here’s how

Vegetables such as onions, beans or broccoli are stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. However, our red pets do not feel comfortable at all in low temperatures. After all, they originally come from South and Central America. And it is known to be quite hot there. But if tomatoes don’t like the cold, how should tomatoes be stored?

We’ll tell you once we’ve satisfied our tomato hunger with minced meat and cheese soup with tomatoes. It’s hearty, warm from the inside, and quick and easy to prepare. Turkish lentil soup, beautifully named Çorbasi by Mercim, is always a good choice. It’s also absolutely delicious, but has significantly fewer calories. He also makes our Greek halloumi tomato pan. It is cut and steamed for 15 minutes, then it goes into the oven. Such simple recipes are perfect for everyday use. And now we at BILD DER FRAU are sharing our kitchen knowledge with you:

Tomatoes: storage and shelf life

It is best to store tomatoes in a room protected from light with high humidity. The temperature should be around 15-18 degrees.

Remove all the packing material, then place enough kitchen paper on a large plate and spread the tomatoes on it. Always remember: tomatoes are divas with very delicate and sensitive skin. Crowds react with unpleasant pressure points that are a gateway to unwanted germs. So give the tomatoes enough space. You will thank them. If stored carefully, tomatoes can be stored for up to 14 days, which is 2 weeks.

According to our experience, meatballs in tomato sauce are always well received by young and old alike. Sauces are based on tomato paste and other tasty ingredients. To ensure variety, we have collected great meatball recipes in our photo gallery.

And which recipe will be your personal gourmet classic?

If you love the original and sweet-sour taste of tomatoes, sometimes you will be disappointed: you are waiting for the unique pleasure of a fragrant tomato, but can you guess? That’s really annoying. But with this trick against bland tomatoes, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the red delicacy again. Watch the video where we explain the tomato trick.

As you can see, anyone can use this simple yet ingenious trick in their home kitchen to add more flavor to the humble tomatoes. You can find even more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes on the tomato sauce topic page. So now we wish you great joy with your fresh tomatoes. Now that you know, storing tomatoes properly is very easy.


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