Potato soup or potato stew – do you know the delicious difference?

Potato soup is topped with crispy crumbled bacon.
The potato soup is topped with crispy bacon cubes. dpa/KMG/die-kartoffel.de

It has to taste like grandma, some like mashed potatoes, others like biting into whole chunks of potato with potato soup. But then it’s no longer soup, it’s called stew. Do they look crazy? It’s not that. Here we explain the difference.

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While stews tend to have solid ingredients, such as chunks of potato, other vegetables, or meaty fillings such as sausages, potato soup tends to be pureed, creamy, or, depending on the recipe, a little thinner. This is how he describes the potato marketing of German potato growers.

When cooking, you can decide: flour potatoes with the dish or wax potatoes?
You can decide when it is cooked – do flour potatoes or wax potatoes go well with the dish? dpa/Christine Klose

Which potatoes are suitable for which dishes?

Fleshy potato varieties are suitable for potato soups. They contain a lot of starch, they are coarse and easily disintegrated, ideal for preparing creamy potato soup, explained Dieter Tepel, managing director of Patata Martada.
On the other hand, if you want to serve a stew with whole pieces, you should mainly use waxy potatoes. They contain a little less starch and retain a firmer texture after cooking a little longer, Tepel says.

In addition to meat, a potato soup can also contain sweet ingredients such as pears

What else do you need to add to a sweet potato soup or stew? In addition to potatoes, you need soup greens such as carrots, leeks, parsley and celery. If you like, add onion and garlic. When all the ingredients are combined, they are peeled, roughly chopped, put in meat or vegetable broth, cooked for about 20-25 minutes and finally seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Potato soups and stews also support meat or sweet fruit such as pears or apples. And of course creamy ingredients like cream, sour cream, coconut milk or fresh herbs are possible.

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