Paprika soup with meatballs – greetings from the Balkans!

When the days get colder and it gets dark so early, you probably long for a cozy home and a cozy kitchen. With the aroma of this fruity meatball soup, you can relax and enjoy!

This simple soup is reminiscent of good Balkan cuisine. This is also where the common fruit Ajvar comes from. The spicy pasta consists of roasted long peppers, garlic and a little chili. It pairs perfectly with Pepper Soup Meatballs, or as an alternative to ketchup with your favorite snacks. One more reason to try our easy homemade ajvar recipe!

If you run out of ajvar after making our pepper soup with meatballs, enjoy pasta with these Balkan classics:

Pastrmajlija on white pancake on dark background.  Top view


One basic recipe – many options: our paprika soup with meatballs

Thanks to the few good ingredients, this delicious pepper soup with meatballs is ready in no time. You can season it even more and refine it with chili, nutmeg and other tart herbs.

While the soup is boiling, you form simple balls that you can prepare in a variety of ways. If you like to eat meat, use our tips to find out which minced meat is best for making meatballs. The paprika soup itself has so much flavor that you can rely on the vegan mince. Thanks to the smart foods of this world, this is incredibly authentic in terms of taste and consistency. Seasoned with ajvar and a pinch of nutmeg, the difference from the original is minimal!

The soup itself is vegan except for the sour cream. So if you’re cooking for a large group and don’t want to go wrong, you can use vegan crème fraîche or one of the many vegan crème alternatives. This meets all your needs and you can enjoy pepperoni soup meatballs comfortably and together. Excellent!

Pepper soup with meatballs with sour cream, ajvar and fresh oregano and served in a soup bowl on a wooden table.


Spicy paprika soup with meatballs


Pepper Soup with Meatballs

For the soup:

For the meatballs:

the preparation

  1. Wash, clean and chop the peppers. Peel the onion and garlic and mince them both finely. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a saucepan. Sauté the onion and garlic in it until translucent. Then add the peppers and sauté briefly. Add two tablespoons of ajvar and oregano and deglaze with the broth. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, for 15 minutes.

  2. Meanwhile, prepare the meatballs. To do this, knead the minced meat with a spoonful of Ajvar, salt, pepper and nutmeg and form balls from the mixture. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a pan and fry the balls on all sides for about five minutes. Then drain the balls on kitchen paper.

  3. Add 200 grams of sour cream to the soup and puree it finely. Season again with salt, pepper, paprika and sugar. Pour the soup into plates and serve with balls. Serve with remaining sour cream and ajvar.

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