Mandarin dessert: recipe in a glass [ESSEN UND TRINKEN]

the components

In fact

the preparation

  1. Quark for the cream

  2. Beat the cream with vanilla sugar and salt until stiff.

  3. Place the low-fat quark and sugar in a bowl and mix with the beater of a hand mixer until creamy. Then carefully fold in the whipped cream.

  4. Place the tangerines in a colander and drain. Leave some for garnish.

  5. To serve the dessert, first put a layer of quark cream in the glasses, then a layer of tangerines. Then finish with a layer of quark cream.

  6. Finally, decorate with 3-4 mandarins and, if necessary, sprinkle some granola on top.

You can get nicer layers if you pour the cream into a bowl before pouring it into the glass.

Mandarin dessert with mascarpone, yogurt or vanilla pudding?

You can prepare this dessert not only with quark, but also with mascarpone, natural or Greek yogurt. Ask yourself these helpful questions ahead of time: Should the dessert be more runny, firm or creamy? Quark has a pleasantly sour taste, but is not as creamy as mascarpone. This is rich, creamy and oily. With Greek yogurt, the cream becomes a little more liquid and less thick. Also, for a smoother cream, gently whisk in several tablespoons of milk until you get the desired consistency, which also helps.

You can refine the taste of the dessert in many ways. For a smooth vanilla flavor, whisk together a few tablespoons of store-bought or homemade vanilla pudding or 2-3 tablespoons of vanilla pudding with quark cream powder. The dessert will be more fruity if you collect the water that drips from the tangerines and mix it into the cream. Or use a total of 2 cans of tangerines for the recipe. Add 1 can to the quark before mixing with the mixer, this gives the cream an extra layer of color.

Modu mandarin dessert: Spekulatius and Co.

With a handful of crushed cookies, such as butter cookies, ladyfingers, or speculums, this dessert turns into a delicious layered eye-catcher in no time. You can also mix in crumbled brittle, chopped nuts and grated chocolate to decorate the cream or dessert.

At Christmas time you can flavor quark cream with spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Combined with detailed speculation, another exciting consistency comes into play. Or prepare a fruit compote of canned mandarins by placing them in a saucepan with the liquid and heating. Then puree and add cream as a rich yellow mirror or stir carefully.

For the Speculoos Layered Dessert:

  1. Prepare the quark cream as in the above recipe and drain the tangerines in a sieve.
  2. Crush the cookies in a freezer bag with a rolling pin or in a mortar and pestle.
  3. First, put a layer of cookie crumbs in the jar, then the cream, then evenly layer 1 tangerine on top of the cream and so on until the jar is full. Finish with a final layer of cream.
  4. Decorate the layered dessert with half or whole speculoos, 1-2 mandarin slices, chopped hazelnuts and, if necessary, grated dark chocolate.

Dessert with fresh tangerines

Do you have fresh tangerines at home or do you find canned ones too sweet? Peel and mince the fresh tangerines and use the pitted slices. You can flavor it with lemon juice, sugar, maple syrup, or honey if needed if the flavor isn’t strong enough for you. If there is not enough liquid, put the mandarin slices in a sugar-water mixture and let them soak for a while.

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