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Tiramisù is one of the most popular Italian desserts, but it is also very rich. Lighter versions of the classic dessert are therefore ideal, especially during the summer months. Vegan tiramisu it contains silken tofu instead of eggs and mascarpone, the dessert remains creamy but less heavy in the stomach. Instead of cocoa powder and coffee, you can also use summer fruit flavors to make it lighter. A lemon tiramisu is particularly refreshing because of its citrus note.

Here we present a vegan recipe with a homemade biscuit, which is therefore a bit more complex than the conventional tiramisù. If you want to save time, you can use the vegan ladybugs from the supermarket. Next, you will need about twelve pieces.

Lemon cream is made with silken tofu and vegan whipped cream. The recipe also uses lemon zest, a fruit originally spread from England. Lemon curd traditionally contains eggs and butter, so it’s not for one vegan diet suitable A simple recipe vegan lemon curd can be found here on Utopia. If you want, you can do without this ingredient and prepare lemon tiramisu with only lemon cream.

Make sure all ingredients have a significant organic seal, if possible demeter, organic soil or natural land. So you can be sure that they come from organic farming and not from chemical-synthetics pesticides are treated This is especially important with lemons, as you will also be using the peel. When possible, you should also prioritize regional and seasonal products. So you save high CO2– Spills from long transport routes.

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