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Mousse is a foamy cream dessert, particularly light and airy. The basic recipe can be modified in several ways: In addition to the classic Mousse au Chocolat the dessert is also available in other flavors, e.g white chocolate moussewith vanilla or similar nuts pistachio mousse or with fruit flavors. In summer, a chilled lemon mousse is very refreshing. Here we present you a simple sweet and sour dessert recipe. You only need four ingredients for this.

Mousse consists of eggs and cream, often also gelatin. For the vegan version, simply replace these ingredients Aquafaba, that is, the water for cooking chickpeas or other legumes. When whipped, aquafaba takes on a consistency very similar to regular whipped egg whites. To make the lemon mousse foamy but stable, you need to use chilled aquafaba.

It is best to prepare vegan lemon mousse using organic quality ingredients. In this way, chemical-synthetic foods are avoided pesticides they are treated and allow saving resources organic farming. Organic seals are particularly significant demeter, organic soil and natural land. Also, shopping in the region and in season, whenever possible. Lemons and other fruits that cannot be grown in Germany are sourced from neighboring European countries CO2 emissions from the means of transport

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