Layered dessert with lemon curd and limoncello: a lemon dream in a glass

Desserts have the oddity of being more elaborate than the result suggests. Fortunately, there are desserts that you can prepare for many guests at once and that don’t require much effort. It’s the exact opposite with our layered dessert with lemon curd and limoncello. It seems like an endless effort… But it’s not. A little time and some great ingredients make a top-notch dessert without much effort. Treat yourself and your loved ones to dessert in a glass again. And the limoncello is thereā€¦ come on?!?!

The popular Italian lemon liqueur has long conquered the culinary landscape. Its time, when it was only (and happily) available in old pizzerias, is long gone. We also make our own limoncello and celebrate the yellow shot…preferably straight from the glass as a dessert layered with lemon curd and limoncello. Or with these highlights:

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Layered dessert of lemon curd and limoncello in glasses on white plate with lemon wedges.  In addition, flower decoration.  Top view


Cookies with a Kick: A layered dessert with lemon curd and limoncello


Straight from the glass: a layered dessert with lemon curd and limoncello.

the preparation

  1. First, beat the egg yolks with the sugar over hot water and let it thicken.

  2. Remove from heat. Mix the lemon juice and limoncello and then leave the cream to cool.

  3. Stir in the mascarpone and mix well. Next, whip the cream with vanilla sugar until stiff and fold in about 2/3. Place the remaining cream in a piping bag and refrigerate.

  4. Now crush the biscuits and divide between glasses of about 200 ml. Season with lemon curd to taste, pour and refrigerate the glasses for about 1 hour.

  5. Place a cream rosette on each and sprinkle with flaked almonds. Decorate the finished dessert with a slice of lemon and serve the cream with lemon wedges.

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