How long can you keep beef in the fridge?

Updated: 31/10/2022 – 17:44

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How long can you keep beef in the fridge?

If there is minced meat, it is worth buying more.  But how long can you keep beef in the fridge?  We clarify.

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If there is minced meat, it is worth buying more. But how long can you keep beef in the fridge? We clarify.

The hack always works! But how long can you keep beef in the fridge? We present important facts about the all-loved.

Minced meat, whether pork, beef or mixed, is an inventive base for a wide range of recipes. From meatballs to bolognese sauce to delicious meatloaf, delicious dishes can be created in no time. Minced meat can be used in a variety of ways, it can be shaped the way you like and it’s easy to slice. Storage alone is a tricky thing because you can only store the Hack for a short period of time. So we asked ourselves: How long can you keep beef in the fridge? Here are the most important facts, as well as lots of great recipe ideas.

How long can you leave beef in the refrigerator – what does it matter

Minced meat must always be as fresh as possible, and cleanliness and kitchen hygiene are the main priorities to deal with this. Due to its large surface area, it offers ideal conditions for the spread of germs. And these multiply faster the hotter it is.

Freshness and strict adherence to the cold chain are therefore the most important things to safely enjoy minced meat. Ideally, therefore, you should prepare the minced meat yourself with your own meat grinder and process it immediately. It’s almost as good as when the butcher makes it from a piece of meat and cuts it in front of you. Then of course there are fresh and frozen packaged goods. With the latter two variants, you can use the first printed date as a guide. But what should you do when storing it in the refrigerator? And which dishes can I prepare quickly?

One of our favorite recipes is the hearty Viking Meatball Casserole, which is quick and easy to prepare. The pan-fried Italian gnocchi is also the perfect feel-good meal during the colder seasons. This satisfies and satiates even the hungriest in no time. And if you’re hungry for pasta, it’s time to have a quick pasta with minced meat and broccoli. You see, the hack always works. But how long does it keep raw and refrigerated?

How long can you leave minced meat in the refrigerator – now is the time to be brave

In other words, the shorter the beef is stored, the better. The basic rule is that you should prepare freshly chopped meat on the same day and always refrigerate it until then.

For hygienic reasons, minced meat should always be thoroughly cooked. However, if the cold chain is maintained well, you can still cook it on the second day. The best guide is the color of the meat: freshly chopped, the meat is bright red, then darkens fairly quickly due to contact with oxygen in the atmosphere, and eventually turns gray. If the meat is uniformly gray, smells bad, or is already oozing liquid, throw it in the trash! And, of course, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after, as well as the kitchen utensils that have come into contact with the hack.

The world can agree on meatballs: Köttbullar, Meatballs Frikadellen, Soutzoukakia or Köfte – disguised happiness has many names. And in the gallery we present the best international recipes:

Minced meat is usually prepared in a pan, a casserole, a casserole or a baking sheet. You can see how meat is cooked in a bottle of glue in the video:

You can even find more facts, suggestions, tips and recipes on the mincemeat topic page. Why not ask your friends the question of all questions: How long can you leave minced meat in the fridge? What will those answers be?


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