Gooseberry and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco: indulgence, lifestyle, fun

Ice cream in the cold season? Absolutely! And anyway, the Prosecco currant and blackberry sorbet is not just ice cream, but champagne of all ice cream flavors. Sorbet is generally lighter than custard ice cream. It is fruity and usually made with fruit, fruit juice or fruit pulp. In addition, there is classic wine, Prosecco or liqueur.

We prepare the currant and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco in an ice cream maker, then it becomes nice and creamy. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, EAT CLUBBERIN Olivia will show you how you can make one without one. That’s very easy. All you need is a clock or a phone that rings every now and then. By the way, sorbets can be made in advance and stored tightly closed in the freezer for several weeks. You can try these recipes for your next sorbet session:

Fruity grapefruit aperol sorbet served on a lemon peel.


You can also make a granita instead of the currant and blackberry sorbet. You just put the mass in a flat container. At the latest, when the first ice crystals form on the rim of the bowl, you should stir again every 20 minutes. The more often you do it, the finer your granita will be. Sweet. Do you want more ice cream, granita or sorbet? My dear colleague Niko read the cookbook “Jude’s Ice Cream & Desserts” and was completely blown away. Among other things, vegan ice cream recipes will be presented. Watch as you sip your currant and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco.

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Front view: a glass of currant and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco.  Next to it is an ice cream scoop.  the background is dark.


Pleasure, lifestyle, fun: currant and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco


Homemade temptation: currant and blackberry sorbet with Prosecco

the preparation

  1. Sort the berries, remove them from the panicles and wash them. Wash the mint and cut into strips. The leaves for decoration are left whole. Halve organic lemons and juice them.

  2. Bring the berries to a boil with the mint, lemon juice, sugar, water and cassis. While stirring, the sugar crystals should dissolve completely. Cool the mass, pour the wine and freeze in an ice cream machine. Depending on the setting, it takes 20-25 minutes. To serve, add the remaining mint and some fresh berries.

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