Five sophisticated dishes that can be made for less than 5 euros

Food has become more expensive. Schmalhans is already a master chef in many households, instead of rich menus there is minimalism in the dishes. It is appropriate, but that does not mean that one should do without enjoyment. Su Vössing is a chef, cookbook author and food designer. In 1991 the Michelin Guide gave it a star. In his new cookbook, however, he doesn’t deal with oysters and venison saddles, but with the high art of good cheap dishes. In “Enjoy ingeniously cheap”, Vössing has put together sophisticated and healthy recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily and at the same time don’t break the bank. In short: dishes to prepare during the crisis.

“For me, good food has nothing to do with money, but above all with good recipes, fresh ingredients and the desire to try something new,” says Vössing. Instead of boring monotony, she serves chickpea and carrot pancakes with herbed salmon, potato ragout meatballs or herbed spaetzle. Converted, each dish should be set at less than five euros per person.

Plan ahead, save money

Enjoying the cheapest start in mind, writes Vössing: “If you get used to shopping according to a shopping list, you will save a lot of money.” It is worth including seasonal local products in the planning. During the season these are much cheaper than the rest of the year. Long-life items such as lentils, brown rice, canned tomatoes and frozen items such as puff pastry can lighten the household budget. She also advises, “Never go shopping when you’re hungry, or you’ll end up spending more time in your shopping cart!”

In the photo gallery above we present five recipes from the cookbook “Enjoy Ingeniously Cheap: Fast and Delicious Everyday Recipes from Top Chef Su Vössing”.

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