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Would you like to serve something original on the table with your coffee? This puff pastry Nutella star will catch everyone’s attention and is also the perfect snack for Adventure Time or Christmas. But the motif is, of course, also suitable for other cases, because the shape can also pass as a flower or a sun. Either way, it’s a simple recipe that any novice baker can master. We explain how to make a nice Nutella star shape with puff pastry.

Only 4 ingredients for the recipe

Make your own Nutella star with puff pastry - instructions and variations

Since you can easily get pre-made and frozen puff pastry at any supermarket, this dessert is particularly easy (and, most importantly, quick) to make. Otherwise all you need is egg, Nutella (or another nougat/chocolate spread) and powdered sugar for dusting.

Baking lovers can of course also make their own puff pastry and you can also make your own chocolate cream. But if you want to prepare a last-minute snack, take the delicious ready-made products. But now we come to the Nutella Star recipe with puff pastry:

Make your own Nutella star with puff pastry

Nutella star made of puff pastry with powdered sugar or icing

First, thaw the dough according to package directions. We recommend thawing slowly and gently overnight in the refrigerator, as cold dough is easier to work with. This is still possible a few hours before cooking, but do yourself a favor if you put it in the freezer 10 minutes before cooking. Nutelaster can be cut from the puff pastry and then stored in the fridge if you want to prepare it for an event, for example the day before.

  • To make the Nutella flower from puff pastry, the dough must be cut into a round shape. For example, you can use the bottom of a pan, a large pizza plate, or a large bowl. Place on top of the rolled out dough and cut around the edge with a sharp knife. In total, you need two circles of the same size for each puff pastry star.
  • Spread Nutella or another nougat cream on one of these two circles.
  • Place the other circle on top.

Nutella star made of puff pastry - cut a circle from the dough and twist it

Now cut and twist:

  • Place a glass in the center of the circle. This area should be left out when cutting.
  • Now use a knife to cut the dough into 16 equal pieces (like a cake). First quarter, then divide those quarters in half to get eighths, and alternate eighths for 16 sections.
  • Take two of these sections between your fingers at the same time and twist them in opposite directions (one turn). Leave the ends sticking out slightly and press the two dough layers together to seal.
    Tip: Depending on how often you screw the sections, the appearance of the stars also changes. Also, it doesn’t have to be 16 segments. The dessert also looks amazing with 8 star points. So feel free to experiment a bit.

In this situation, you can cover the puff pastry flower with film and store it in the refrigerator.

Now you can bake the star

Cook the flower with the chocolate cream to spread it

Crack an egg and equip the sun of the resulting puff pastry with it. This ensures that the baked dough does not dry out. Preheat the oven and bake as indicated on the package. Then take the Nutella star out of the oven and let it cool down a bit. Then you can dust with powdered sugar.

If you want, you can use a topping instead of powdered sugar. For example, ice cream works well, and you can top it with whatever flavor you like (lemon, orange, vanilla, rum, bourbon). With frosting and a piping bag, you can decorate the puff pastry flowers however you like.

More variations on the star Nutella made from puff pastry

Use any jam instead of chocolate at Christmas

You can prepare the puff pastry with Nutella or fill it in another way. If you remember our puff pastry Christmas tree, you probably remember that one option was to use jam.

Nutella star made of puff pastry with cheddar, onion and bacon

Would you prefer it salty? Then use pesto or a cheddar, bacon and onion filling that you finish with balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. This type of dough is known for being very versatile while maintaining its soft airy quality. Perfect for any occasion!

Pizza or other dough can also be used. The most important thing is that it is suitable for spreading (ie not too sticky or crumbly dough) and can be cut without splitting.

Prepare an interesting dessert for New Year's Eve - prepare puff pastry in the sun

Would you like to serve the Christmas tree too? Then follow the instructions in this article to get another eye-catcher on the table!

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