dr Oetker will be part of Veganuary again in 2023

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More like 629.000 the people from 228 countries and regions all over the world to have He used Veganuary 2022 in the year January one vegan nutrition outTaste it. on the 31day The campaign stimulates the participants every year to, only the plantconsuming food. Vegan Dr. Offering Oetker products ain the year important step on the way climate protection imaginewhy company also inm coming vegan again participates.

with Veganuary the will above all the people addressedhas alone now and then and little animal lifeconsume resources Always more the consumerwithin and consumers decidethe result continuous for one the plantwas based on and climate friendly nutrition. has demand after nothe animal the productaalternative and vegan cooking options growing this israther more and more also in dr Oetker

Company follow up goal, also together small usual steps like has the production vegan food alternatives and Participating in Veganuary, a significant the difference for has climate protection to the sheepfen. that’s why dr Oetker has interested offer a selection of vegan products, decision about diet but the consumers the consumers themselves leave it: “We offer dthe opportunity to make a small contribution paywithout to be delicious Products to enjoy, such as cakes, desserts or pizza for salegive up”he explained dr Oetker masterbrand manager Marina Landgrave.

vegan campaign

Vegan campaign

dr Oetker is implementing a package of various communication measures for Veganuary 2023the men ADr. The Oetker website becomes Veganuaryin terms of campaign content and designcrushed SocietyThe mediaChannels like Instagram and Pinterest create attention veganmonth, give them vegan recipe ideas and make their P veganproducts before Partnerships with vegan influencers and a followingRaise the concern of the event for extra attention. The staff restaurant in Bielefeld also has a vegan dish on the menu every day, which encourages employees to take part in Veganuary.

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The variety of plant-based products Dr. Oetker

To encourage consumers to make individual decisions about the climate, animal welfare and their own health, Dr. Oetker offers an ever-growing selection of vegan products and recipes. Either these foods were developed as vegan alternatives or they are naturally vegan and therefore also suitable for quick and uncomplicated vegan recipes. Many of these products are already marked with the European V-Label and are immediately recognizable as vegan.

Since this year, some new plant-based products have been added to the range, which should make it easier for consumers to have a varied diet during Veganuary. Dr. the vegan variety. Oetker products therefore support the objectives Letter of Persistenceto offer innovative and healthy foods, to reduce the ecological footprint and to be climate neutral by 2050 in all areas of direct and indirect influence.

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VEGAnes refined range is growing

In 2017 Creme VEGA entered the fridge as a plant-based alternative to fresh cream, two extensions were added to the refined range. Like the classic VEGA cream, VEGA cream with garden herbs gives any dish a fresh and creamy note, without animal ingredients. With the new VEGA cuisine, Dr. The third alternative for preparing and refining Oetker vegetables. The new vegan cooking cream based on oat and canola oil refines sauces, stir-fries and casseroles and offers many uses that make you want to eat plant-based foods.

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We love! vegan desserts and baking mixes

In the area of ​​fresh desserts, LOVE! with a delicious plant-based dessert alternative LOVE it! convince the milk Highlights for vegan milk lovers include the classic chocolate and bourbon vanilla varieties, as well as natural semolina milk. In 2022, the newly introduced LOVE it! Chocolate mousse filling. Since July 2022, Dr. Oetker LOVE it! Plant-Based Brownies and Plant-Based Muffins Hazelnut Baking Mixes are a vegan alternative to real classic cakes that can be made without much effort and still enjoy their juicy textures.

More information Dr. You can find Oetker at www.oetker.de.

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