Dessert recipes: a selection for real connoisseurs

There really is nothing like a delicious dessert – don’t you think? However, sometimes it can be very difficult to decide on a particular delicacy when making a selection. We want to make it a little easier for you, so here we present you a selection of great dessert recipes. Just to melt!

Desserts Recipes: Editor’s Choice

We asked around in our ranks and asked our editors about their favorite desserts. They were happy to share with us, and very sweet to give us the right recipes right away. So reach for the trays and mixing bowls, let’s party!

“Baked pear with blue cheese, walnuts and honey is my favorite. Pear and gorgonzola are friends for life anyway: with pasta, in risotto or as a dessert. If there are walnuts and honey is the game, my luck is perfect. Precisely because of desserts like this, section I have an extra one in my belly, where there’s always a free cookie.’

Betsy, EAT CLUB editor with a dessert stomach

Pssst, if you don’t tell anyone, we’ll tell you that we don’t take the word “dessert” very seriously. After all, desserts are always welcome, and not just as an after-dinner dish. Has anyone clearly defined what that “after” means? It could also be “after work”, “after cleaning” or “the last episode of your favorite series, which of course wasn’t the last episode, and hey, it’s already 10:17 p.m., but wouldn’t it be something sweet. be wrong right now. It’s just a shame mom is no longer in charge of handing out candy. But it also has its advantages, because without their eyes, we can finally go in at any time of the day (or night) without a guilty conscience. But of course, we still like to think about mom’s baking skills:

“Actually, I don’t eat that much, but I LOVE baked apple rings. The smell takes me back to my childhood and I remember my mother, who was not a huge fan of desserts, would put them in the kitchen and conjure fruit pancakes for me. A real good dish!”

EAT CLUB Editor-in-Chief Olivia likes to enjoy baking on top of sweets

Not everyone has a favorite dessert from childhood. Although Olivia has since sworn off apple rings, another one of us was late to discover our favorite dessert:

“He admits, I wasn’t very keen on tiramisu until a little while ago. As I am not a coffee drinker, I did not like the bitter coffee in it. My opinion suddenly changed when, on the recommendation of a friend, I tried a creamy dessert in an Italian restaurant in Berlin. It had a wonderful and light flavor due to the mascarpone mass, it was not too saturated with coffee liquor and the red color of the cake rounded off the evening with friends. Over the next few days I researched alternatives to coffee liqueur. In my first tiramisu I found that a bit of white rum added flavor to the dessert. But the Italian classic also takes shape with Amaretto, like the recipe here. So I recommend our creamy tiramisu with grated chocolate on top.’

Robin, EAT CLUB editor, likes to teach better (desserts).

As you can see, classic desserts have the power to break out of their sweet shell and reinvent themselves. This happens not only with tiramisu, but also with brownies. And that is exactly why American chocolate pieces should not be missing from our selection:

“Actually, after spending a year abroad in the United States, I fell in love with the delicious things that the United States had to offer. Between donuts, cronuts and pancakes I was floating in seventh dessert heaven. But I’ve been vegan for a long time, and that meant at first: goodbye brownies, which meanwhile climbed to the podium in my dessert rankings. I was even more glad that giving up animal products didn’t have to mean giving up the sweet (and salty) foods I love so much. When my sister told me she baked sweet potato brownies, I couldn’t believe it and of course I had to try it for myself. What can I say: the cakes are at least as gooey as the original (how else to describe it, perfect brownie consistency?) and no less chocolaty.

EAT CLUB editor Franziska is always on the lookout for the best vegan desserts

Speaking of chocolate: another team member releases happy hormones just thinking about it.

“Always a chocolate lover, it was no surprise that my first attempts at making homemade desserts involved chocolate. With lots of dark chocolate my personal favorite you can have a lot of snacks from it while you are cooking. Thanks to the simple and quick preparation, chocolate cakes became my favorite dessert. You can make them on your own or planned for family and friends and if you’re like me, you can never have enough. Especially when the intense chocolate flavor is combined with the fresh raspberry fruit!

Lina, EAT CLUB editor and Chocoholic

“My favorite dessert surprises with its creamy consistency combined with pure fruit. It reminds me of rice pudding with fruit like no other dessert can, but it tastes different and excitingly new. We’re talking about the coconut tapioca rice pudding with tonka bean and apple glaze, which you can see below. Tonka bean with its vanilla, but still a unique taste. Tapioca balls reminiscent of rice milk, then burst in the mouth to the creaminess of coconut milk. And all this combined with sour fruit aromas is awesome. Instead of apple, it can be passion fruit or sour plum. And it’s so easy to do…!”

Felix, EAT CLUB editor and passionate chef

Even Niko can’t resist sweets when he sees them. But choose one? Unfair… Then a classic!

“When I’m in the mood for a real dessert, one of the biggest problems is deciding on a specific one. I like chocolate, of course. But also creams, cakes and everything sweet in general. I often stick with a classic that can be prepared immediately and is easy. Mousse au Chocolat. I always use the same recipe with four ingredients, stuff myself until my belly bursts and then lay on the sofa. So far none of my guests have complained when I serve chocolate, egg whites, cream and sugar together in a dessert bowl… Oh man, why only one?”

Niko, editor of EAT CLUB and can’t make up his mind

It doesn’t always have to be dessert for Kha. But if there is one, maybe something extraordinary, but not too sweet.

After a delicious meal, I’m already quite full. A dessert later blew all the buttons on my pants. However, if you must have it, preferably something with matcha. I am very attracted to all desserts with green tea powder, because its taste is calm and at the same time it inspires with its smooth taste. Is that somehow understandable? Anyway.. matcha tiramisu in a glass is probably my number 1 when it comes to desserts.

Kha, EAT CLUB editor and semi-sweet tooth

Find your favorite dessert!

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, you definitely don’t have a heart for sweets. For everyone else, we can only recommend the many other desserts, cakes and pies that can be found at EAT CLUB. Let’s start with these six foods:

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