Crêpes Suzette: classic French desserts

Just eat a delicious dessert. You do too little anyway. And, unfortunately, such a classic is prepared very rarely. But you should treat Suzette pancakes more often, and it’s not that difficult.

In France, Crêpes Suzette are widespread and very popular – not only as a dessert, but also as a dessert that can sometimes replace the main course. By the way, according to legend, the treat was invented by accident. A popular anecdote says that in 1896 the Crown Prince of Great Britain and later King Edward VII visited the famous Café de Paris in Monte Carlo. A 14-year-old apprentice chef had to prepare pancakes for blue bloods and 18 guests at the table, as part of a New Year’s Eve celebration. But while preparing the sauce, a liquor suddenly caught fire. The apprentice stayed cool, and tasted whether the sauce still tasted good. Then, without further ado, he added more liquor and sugar, assuring the future king that this was a new recipe. And Edward was thrilled – Crêpes Suzette was born! At least that’s what the most popular legend about the sweet treat says.

We don’t give a damn who finally figured it out, how and why. The important thing is that someone invented it, and we can cook it and enjoy the taste!

Do you want to discover more notable desserts of French cuisine? We have selected some recipes for you:

Two ramekins filled with Amelie's crème brûlée with an extra layer of crispy white caramel, next to vanilla beans, eggs, sugar and milk, on a wooden background, top view.


5 hours 50 min


Sliced ​​lemon cake on baking paper and baked on a wooden surface


Several suzette pancakes with orange peel on a white plate.


Crêpes Suzette: a recipe for a true classic dessert


Crêpes Suzette is a real specialty because of the orange fruit sauce. We’ll tell you how.

To make the dough:

For the sauce:

the preparation

  1. First, melt the butter in a small saucepan. Mix half of the melted butter with the vanilla sugar, eggs, milk and Grand Marnier. Pour the salt and flour through a sieve and make a smooth dough with everything. Place the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  2. In the meantime you can prepare the sauce. To do this, first of all, grate the skin of the organic oranges and mince the flesh. Put 2 spoons of sugar in a hot pan and let it caramelize. Deglaze with orange juice. Let the sauce simmer for a good ten minutes until it has a thick consistency. Stir the remaining butter into the sauce until completely incorporated

  3. Heat the butter in another pan and add some egg. Scrape the pan so that the batter spreads very thinly over the entire bottom of the pan. Fry the pancakes for a minute on both sides until golden.

  4. Divide the pancakes between four plates and then serve with warm orange sauce. Finish it!

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