Chestnut cake: Recipe with homemade chestnut puree

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  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees on top/bottom heat. To make the chestnut cream, finely puree the chestnuts with 6-8 tablespoons of water and powdered sugar.

  2. To make the dough, separate the eggs and set aside. Place the butter and sugar in a bowl and beat with a hand mixer until smooth. Gradually add the egg yolks and beat.

  3. Then add the chestnut cream, ground almonds and kirsch and stir.

  4. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff and gradually add 4 tablespoons of sugar until the egg whites are glossy. Gently fold the egg whites into the batter.

  5. Pour the mixture into a pan with a diameter of 26 cm and bake for about 40 minutes in the middle rack of the oven.

Homemade chestnut puree can be seasoned with a little cinnamon, vanilla extract or lemon zest if desired.

Chestnut cake with chestnut cream or chestnut puree

You can use sweetened chestnut cream and chestnut puree, sweetened and unsweetened, in cans, jars, or frozen in the refrigerator, in place of the precooked chestnuts in our recipe. Pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed chestnuts are available almost everywhere in Germany. If you are making the chestnut cake above with chestnut cream, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe depending on how sweet the cream is. If you use store-bought chestnut puree, whether it’s already sweetened or not. The cake is generally quite moist. If it’s too wet, adjust the amount of ground almonds to your liking.

Chestnut cream & Co.: a wide range of products and their uses

Chestnut cream is little known in this country and is therefore not a widespread product. In the European countries around us, such as Italy, France, South Tyrol and Switzerland, on the other hand, chestnuts are eaten in various forms: chestnut puree, chestnut cream and chestnut puree, such as the famous French chestnut cream. The choice of products is therefore much greater and creams and purées or purees can often be bought sweetened and unsweetened.

Chestnut puree, sometimes known as chestnut marmalade, is served in France and Italy, for example, with meat dishes, game dishes or cheese dishes and can be mixed into sweet sauces. Sweet products made from chestnuts are often used in desserts and pastries, such as the popular Swiss dessert, vermicelli.

Swiss, Italian, French chestnut cake – colorful recipes

The ingredients chestnut cream, chestnut puree and chestnut puree are a natural part of many baking recipes from other countries. They are used in cakes and pies and pastries, such as nut snails. That’s why there are recipes like Swiss chestnut cake, Ticino chestnut cake, French tarte au chestnut or the Italian South Tyrolean chestnut cake. They all have one thing in common: they have chestnuts. But that was it with the similarities. There are tons of recipes that couldn’t be more different. For example, a French recipe with only three ingredients: marron cream, butter and eggs. Since the cake does not contain flour or nuts, it is very large and moist.

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