Bread with Brussels sprouts, bacon, burrata and hazelnuts – pure aroma!

We have already shown you several versions to make a simple bread very special. From crazy breakfast ideas to elegant bruschetta creations that won’t impress you or your loved ones. Roasted bread with Brussels sprouts and burrata could also be placed in the latter category. It may not seem particularly impressive at first, but after one bite, you’ll quickly change your mind. As for the taste, it is anything but boring on the palate. Luscious Brussels sprouts are paired with bacon with a hint of creaminess and freshness from the burrata. And all this served with crispy bread and crunchy hazelnuts. Different consistencies and different nuances of flavor, which together create a real culinary spectacle, make roasted bread much more than a simple sandwich with Brussels sprouts and burrata.

As I said, we have plenty of bruschetta inspiration for you. With blood orange, goat cheese or mushrooms. The basic process always remains the same. The bread is toasted, optionally rubbed with garlic and then covered with delicious toppings. Our bruschetta fries are a little more creative. However, all these delicious variations should not prevent you from trying the roasted bread with Brussels sprouts and burrata first. Other combinations do not escape you.

And if you still want to know what exactly is the difference between mozzarella, burrata, etc., you should click on the link. It’s really worth reading, because the appearance of burrata – as is often the case with new discoveries in history – was an accident. So now to the kitchen, the most delicious sandwich with Brussels sprouts and burrata is already waiting for you. And here are some highlights from the optical bread:

Front view of cheesesteak sandwich with sauces, potato wedges and salad dressing, chili rings and fried onions.


2 hours 50 min

medium difficulty

Paleo buns on a wooden board


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Several slices of bread on a dark gray background with Brussels sprouts, bacon and burrata.


Fall Romance – Toasted bread with Brussels sprouts, bacon, burrata and hazelnuts


What an ingenious combination: Brussels sprouts with burrata and hazelnuts: pure flavor!

the preparation

  1. Roast the hazelnuts in a pan without oil until golden. Meanwhile, slice the bread and wash the Brussels sprouts.

  2. Blanch the Brussels sprouts in a saucepan of salted water. Toast the bread in a pan with olive oil. Rinse the blanched Brussels sprouts in iced water and a quarter. Fry the bacon in a pan without oil. Then add the Brussels sprouts and season generously with salt and pepper.

  3. Finally, put some burrata from the bowl on the toasted bread. Then put the Brussels sprouts and bacon on top and sprinkle everything with roasted hazelnuts.

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