Anhofen: Hans Steck from Anhofen has a quick recipe for guests

Simple dishes that go quickly and make an impression: you can find them in the “Schwaben kocht” recipe booklet. Hans Steck Bibertaler is also there.

Do you occasionally have guests over and don’t know what to cook on the fly? Experienced hobby chef Hans Steck from Anhofen has published a recipe with his stuffed white bread in the new booklet “Schwaben kocht” with which you can make a strong impression.

The 6th magazine “Schwaben kocht” with more than 50 recipes from regional readers is now available for purchase.

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Anyone who enters the house of the 82-year-old man is immersed in a life full of memories. In no time at all, he is bubbling over from his intense time at sea. There he learned how to live in the galley of a Navy ship in the worst conditions and in the smallest place for 40 starving soldiers. A juicy roast pork went overboard because the captain mis-docked it in rough seas. The experiences that shaped them for the rest of their lives. He doesn’t whine, he just does. And he still loves cooking.

There is no limit to the joy of experimentation

The cooking club days are long gone, but the feeling of simple recipes has remained. This is also the case with stuffed white bread, which can be used for a warm meal in a good hour. A few ingredients are enough: a large croissant of white bread, minced meat, hard-boiled eggs, leeks and spices of your choice. The minced meat is well seasoned, alternately filled with the empty white bread ingredients and sealed again. Then it is wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the oven to bake at 180 degrees for almost an hour.

His advice: “Let your taste buds play. Season it the way you’ve always wanted to season it. There’s no limit to experimentation,” says the hobby chef. Of course, the dish is deliciously decorated and served. “After all, the eye also eats,” says Hans Steck. You can see her serving suggestion on page 65.

He was once “the best country cook”.

During his time with the Federal Agency for Technical Assistance – 50 years of voluntary work for society – his cooking skills were recognized with a “best country cook” certificate in the late 1980s. The 82-year-old can certainly prepare for a full team today.

The magazine is available for €6.95 from all our newspaper service partners, selected bookstores and online shop at There is also an order line on 0821/7774444.

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