A recipe for the whole family

Cheeseburger with fried slices |  © Getty Images/Artur Kozlov

How about an XXL cheeseburger to share?

© Getty Images/Artur Kozlov

You’re still looking for one the recipe for the next children’s birthday or family game night. Then you have found what you are looking for: Der Cheeseburger Pie It looks nice and very juicy!

You can just have one under a cheeseburger pie A giant cheeseburger in pie form imagine where it came from at that time the pieces can be cut To prepare, you need next time:

Of course, you can also have your own cheeseburger with everything favorite fillings a topping such as bacon or tomato. only fresh salad you can’t bake with us, unfortunately he will bitter.

with these steps You could dough and filling make the cake in no time enjoy:

  1. yeast and sugar dissolve in warm water. Mix the salt and flour. Then add the yeast mixture and mix the dough. Now leave the dough covered at room temperature for approx. leave for 2 hours.

  2. Minced meat in oil sear and season nicely with salt, pepper and Co.

  3. thick onion shrinkSliced ​​cucumbers.

  4. Knead the dough again and take it three quarters on a floured surface. Now you can a great circle Roll it out until it has a diameter of about 50 cm.

  5. Put it in a dough grease the panto be on the edge as well overlap.

  6. Top your cake with the first one beef, followed by ketchup and mustard, onion, pickles and cheese. Overlapping edge play.

  7. Spread the rest of the dough in a circle and lid place on the cake and press thinly.

  8. with cover Brush milk and sprinkle sesame on top.

  9. In the preheated oven 180 degree top and bottom heat Bake for about half an hour until golden brown.

like decorate Of course they are also suitable here French fries, cola, onion rings or whatever your fast food heart desires!

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