A delightful trip to Talisker Adventures in Heligoland and two unusual recipe creations

That Talisker Adventure 2022 on Heligoland has been successfully completed, and we can offer you a summary cooking and cocktail recipes with that talisker a gift that you can easily imitate at home.

So, without further ado:

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A delightful trip to Talisker Adventures in Heligoland and two unusual recipe creations

Berlin, October 19, 2022 – Rugged coastlines, fierce storms and the sound of the sea – this is Talisker. At the beginning of October, the whiskey brand invited him on a special trip of adventure and culinary pleasure to the North Sea island. We sailed, ate oysters, hiked and stayed in glamping tents. But above all, this year’s Talisker Adventure was again about nature:

Doing good together: One for the sea

The issue of marine sustainability was also at the forefront again. A major concern of the whiskey brand is to preserve its origin – the sea. To this end, Talisker is working with the Parley platform to make the seas the way they need to be. The photographer recounts the challenges and successes that have already arisen Fine Pearl Loubser On a sailing trip to a North Sea island.

Unusual creations and live cooking with The Duc Ngo

From ramen to sushi to fine dining, chef and scene restaurant The Duc Ngo has taken Asian fusion cuisine to a whole new level. For the second time, he and his renowned team have created an exclusive menu for the Talisker Adventure in October.

The famous classic oysters were there again this year. Saving the surprise for the grand finale of the dinner, The Duc Ngo served the first dessert topped with Talisker: matcha cream with plums and soba pop.

Matcha cream with plums and soba pop

(4 people)

Plum ingredients:

Plums 6 red wine 100 ml port wine 10 ml whiskey 20 ml sugar 50 g cinnamon stick 1/4 strength

Preparation of plums:

Caramelize the sugar and deglaze with alcohol. Add the cinnamon and cook gently. Dissolve the starch in the water and use it to bind the broth. Slice the plums and cook briefly in a broth.

cooling down

Ingredients matcha cream:

Mascarpone 250 g whipped cream 100 g vanilla sugar ½ pack Matcha 20 g powdered sugar 20 g

Preparation of matcha cream:

Beat in the smooth mascarpone. Beat the cream, vanilla sugar, matcha and icing sugar until stiff. Lift the cream under the mascarpone.

Ingredients for Soba Pop:

Buckwheat 100 g vegetable oil

Prepare the soba popa:

Cook buckwheat in water until very soft. Drain and dry on trays in the oven. Put vegetable oil for frying.

Dry buckwheat very hot, fry briefly and drain on paper.

Experience Talisker Adventure at home with Talisker 10 and the specially interpreted Talisker Adventure Sour

Ali Hayes, top 3 WORLD CLASS Bartender 2022 Germany, presented a specially created bar “Talisker Adventures Sour” before: the classic whiskey sour interpreted for adventure. Ali’s secret ingredient: tea syrup. Brewed with Talisker 10, it amazes with its harmonious complexity: spiciness, aroma of sea smoke, smooth sweetness and persistent peaty finish make it unique.

Talisker Adventure Sour:

60ml Talisker 10Y 35ml lemon juice

Pour in 25ml syrup of your choice (eg sugar syrup, tea syrup) 20ml egg white (corresponds to the white of an egg) 20ml Ruby Port wine


Add the first four ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously (about 20 seconds). Then strain the liquid and shake again for about 10 seconds without ice.

Strain into a glass without ice (ice can be added if desired)

Then, very carefully, using the back of a spoon, slowly pour the port into the foam of the drink. Voila! Enjoy this unusual creation.

This drink contains 25.1 g of alcohol.

Please drink responsibly. www.drinkIQ.com

The next exciting Talisker Adventures are already being planned. For up-to-date event and participation information, click here for the newsletter: https://www.malts.com/de-de/marken/talisker/talisker-adventures

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